Frequently asked Questions

Q: How many codes can I get?
You can get 1 Steam Card per week, if you own a website or blog with over 50.000 visitors a month,
please contact us and we might make an exclusion for you and drop the limit.

Q: How long is my code reserved for?
Your code is reserved for 6 months, after 6 months the code will be given to another active user.

Q: Why do I have to share a referral link with 15 people?
We buy Steam Cards in bulk which gives us a discount.
That's why we require you to share the site with at least 15 people.
The more people you share your link with, the more Steam Cards we can buy and the more we can give.

Q: My code wont unlock, what can I do?
You probably didn't follow the steps well, please contact us with your issue and we'll help you out.